Client Testimonials

” When I began services, my son was on the verge of getting expelled for the rest of the school year for fighting. With the help of Trinity Services Staff, he is no longer getting suspended, he is on the honor roll and involved in Jr. ROTC. ”
” My daughter and I were at wits end with one another. We were involved in physical and verbal altercations, we would spend days not speaking to one another and occasionally she would run away. With the help of Trinity’s program, my daughter and I have dinner together, we can actually sit down and have nice conversations and she is now a straight A student and President of the Beta Club. ”
” My grandson was very manipulative, disrespectful and often threatened me. He also had dropped out of school in 9th grade. I was hesitant about the service actually working but I tried anyway. I can say today I am glad I tried Trinity Services. My grandson enrolled in GED, he started complying with his probation requirements and I no longer feel threatened in my own home. For me it was definitely worth the try! ”